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The Wasteland

5th March, 2014. 11:57 pm. Did I ever mention 'A Redtail's Dream' here?

I'm not sure I ever did...

It was (it finished last year) a webcomic that I can only describe as being a sort of Finnish mythology-meets-Quantum Leap tale of one man and his dog who become trapped in limbo through the meddling of a spirit fox, and their journey back to normality.

It's one of the most beautiful webcomics I've had the good fortune to follow (you can still read the whole thing, all 573 pages, here), even more impressive given that a) this was updated six days a week for the most part, and b) the artist considers this her 'practice' comic. Her current comic 'Stand Still, Stay Silent', a post-apocalyptic tale set in the Nordic countries, has just finished its prologue and can be seen here. It's great!

But... why mention this now?

Well...Collapse )

Current mood: happy.

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